Cloverfield Parasite Npc... (its been talked about numerous times, but who cares)

I been looking for this since the beginning of fucking time, I will pay good money to whoever can recreate this npc since others have made it, but are now lost in the midst of broken download links and time. I will seriously pay someone to make this a legit npc, because the last time I had it with me, if it hit you or bit a npc like a zombie, it will explode. I desperate as of right now. Is there any cloverfield parasite npcs that are not hexxed, reskins, or broken.

Aren’t the parasites kind of antlion based in the shape? Also, was it an SNPC or just a normal NPC? Because if it’s rigged correctly I’m sure you could just get it onto a antlion worker, which also explodes.

No… They didn’t explode, whatever npc gotten hit by the parasite would explode