Clown Infected leads the Horde!

Fucking squeeky shoes…

C&C if you please!


Was expecting something else but nvm that.

I laughed hard.

Reinstalling Batman

They seriously should have put a Joker Infected in there at the carnival. Like, a 1 in 1,000 chance to get it, or something.

Too bad we can’t get L4D 2 common infected models working… yet.

Great pose, but I was expecting a fixed version of the clown working, possibly with a download :C

Imagine the kind of havoc the Joker could cause with a horde of zombies… :tinfoil:

I did not see that coming…
Alright everyone lets get the achievement! Honk his nose!
Have a funny.

Rim lights on the left look a little out of place but the pics idea and execution is nice :smiley:
Have an artistic :slight_smile:

I really like the zombie falling over, it brings the scene alive for me.

And the joker joke was a lol too.



I love the zombie falling off the roof.

Nice detail in this one. I like. Me gives artistic.

I wanted to surprise you, sort of.

Yeah, I’m still learning to do rimlighting, so might not be perfect.

Thanks for all the great comments!

Haha, great idea and great editing… apart from the rim-lighting. It’s too strong and doesn’t really make any sense. Other than that though, nice work.

What do you mean by ‘doesn’t really make any sense’? Is it the angle or something else?
And yeah, it did look too strong so I blurred it a little. Should be slighty better now.

It’s too thick, and I doubt it would be visible in RL because the light behind them isn’t strong and concentrated enough to rim-light those materials.

So would it look better if I removed the rim lighting completely? If so, I can work on the original again.

I think it would do yes. Only my opinion though.

Right, I’ll have another look at it. I was just experimenting anyway. Thanks!