Clown Vomit Textures

Erm hi.
I’ve had this problem for a year now. Basically when I freeze up in gmod (when opening extended spawn menu for example) for a while, usually 30 secs to a min, My hud or the textures in game turn into what appears to be rainbow mess of colours, (hence clown vomit).
This happens a lot.
For example:[/t]

Any way to fix this?
This drives me up the sodding wall when trying to build

I am afraid your video card is about to explode in a billion pieces.

here are my specs for my pc thing.
Operating System: Windows 10 Home 64-bit (10.0, Build 10586) (10586.th2_release.160802-1857)
Language: English (Regional Setting: English)
BIOS: F.34
Processor: AMD A10-5745M APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics (4 CPUs), ~2.1GHz
Memory: 16384MB RAM
Available OS Memory: 15556MB RAM

Also, you taking the piss or is my video card really going to go shit itself?

Hard to think of any other cause than a dying video card.

It’s a 3 year old APU that can’t run Skyrim at 30fps @ 720p. Get a better PC.

I think I’ve had this pc for about 1-2 years. I think so too, since my pc can’t handle any games made 2013+ (except source engine games, such as insurgency and Day of Infamy). AMD also has a tendency of crashing, sending me a notification saying (sucsessfully recovered) whilst my pc is either repeating the last sound it heard of a buuuzzzzzzzzzzzzz before overheating, but that’s another story.

I’m not quite sure what to do now. I can’t replace my video card, its impossible in an all in one pc I’ve got.

first reinstall or update drivers, then check temps if they are alright. if that doesn’t help then just get a gpu, for example with less than 100€ you can get a used gtx 660 which will do the job just fine including be good enough for a shitton of other games. don’t cheap out.

Check your drivers

Verify the game for good measure. (R.Click > Properties > Local files > verify)

If that doesnt work and you’ve tried everything else then looking into buying a GPU may be needed as a shitty old AMD APU wont do much

I’m just probably going to get a new PC at this point, but thanks for your help people!