Club Security try to reason with an angry customer

Testing these two bad boys out before I make the other 7 heads.

C&C etc

Looks like they’re talking politely.

Well, they are trying to reason with him.

I like them… could come in handy for posing. My only complaint is the seams around the neck and along the shoulderline. Looks like someone Sharpie’d them on. But other than that, I like 'em.

EDIT: Lol, I was critiquing the skins… I forgot I was in the screenshot section.
The arm posing on the left guy is a bit awkward.

the bloom makes it look bad honestly

Ewww, that customer has some serious blackhead on the right side of his head

Are those the bouncers from the Triangle Club in GTA IV?

They are acting like the cool bullies…

"Ok, Its obvious that we can beat you up, so why dont you leave now and avoid a high hospital bill Mmh?"



You may not have it yet, but it’s called stubble

You’re just trying to make him look more homo ain’t you :v:

The black guys right hand already says that :smile: