Clue - GCC Entry

Clue is based of the real board game made in 1949 with some minor changes.

Every player is a detective who tries to solve the murder.
When the round starts, the players are assigned their cards and spawed at an random spawnpoint on the board.
The players should then go to the rooms located on the board and give a theory of how it happened in that room.

When you give a theory the players automaticly shows you the cards that can prove against the theory, you see the card meanwhile all the other players sees it as “Player1 showed Player2 a card”.

The theory consists of
[li] Character
[/li][li] Weapon
[/li][li] Room - This is the room you are standing in.

So if you guess that “Mr.Green” killed the victim using the “Candlestick” in the “Library” and you only see two cards from the other players; Example:
"Mr.Green" and “Candlestick”, then you know that you got the room right, the Library.

The other players will also see that you only got shown two cards, which will make them know that you had something correct.

When you think you got all the murder cards right, you make an Accusement, if you fail it; you loose and can no longer play for the round. However, if you get it right; you win the game!

When it is your turn, you get a dice roll between 2 and 12, you can move this many steps across the board.
You enter a room by walking on a blue square.
If you don’t move for more than 20 seconds, the game will skip your turn.

Some Images:

Some of the walls are removed so that you can see where you are walking.
This gamemode is pretty fast paced as you see what the other people are doing and what their theory is.
However, it will get pretty boring after a while.

I am still working on the menus and other stuff.

Impressive. Can’t wait to play it.

This looks amazing! I also can’t wait to try it out!

Very nice.
I would love to play this soon.

If only my gmod would run on my laptop again…

Looks like another good entry to the contest, hoping everything turns out for the better. :smiley:

Also, just a grammar thing, its “in the Library” not “at the library”. Sorry, just felt that had to be fixed.

I love you.

The isometric view, all the features you talked about make this gamemode seem like it is a superb remake of Cluedo in GMod, can’t wait to try it.

Looks impressive,can’t wait to try it out,coming from someone that doesn’t really like boards game,that should mean something.

Very original!
Based on the contestants so far, i would say this wins, and i hope it does.

I was hoping to see you enter. Nice work!

This looks amazing. At first I thought the wall cut-outs were dynamic.

Does this map have secret passages just like the board game? It would be cool to skip from one corner of the map to the next.

I did not think about that, I will add it.
Also, thank you all for the possitive comments! It really makes me happy.

I will try to get a video up soon.

I like the HUD. Looking forward to release.

I really like the color scheme. It’s so nostalgic.

Updated the interface a little.

Looking better and better. Good work. Can’t wait to play this next week.

When you are out on the board 3 different themes can be played.
Each character also have their own music.