Cluster Bomb

Finally got bored enough to fix my old clusterbomb…

Yes it’s here, my new and improved Combine Cluster-bomb.
[li]Left Click: throws a melon grenade(please suggest a better model) that will explode into 5 other grenades that will launch into the air that will explode into bomb shells that will explode anything underneath it. also plays a combine “Grenade!” yell.
[/li][li]Right click: Just like Left click, but you roll it instead of throw it.
[/li][li]Spawn Icon!
#env_explosion will steal your kill, someone please tell me how to fucking fix that.
I’ll Re-upload a new file with:
A Changed model(combine based)

Killsteal Fix

Teh download:
Pictures are in link
I’m gunna work on making a kill icon if someone helps me with the “kill steal” problem


Wooo front page! I would like to thank everyone who downloaded!
[sp]It’s a fucking joke[/sp]

What’s the map you are in, in the screen shot. Sorry for the nub question.

For the record, was changed such that the right column is the newest releases - everyone gets on the front page.

I would recommend having an attack where a plane flies over and drops some cluster bombs - that would be pretty sweet.

I’m wondering that as well

It’s a joke

Random Lua errors, but still seems like its working.

Left and right click do more or less the exact same thing.

Ammo count should be added.

Yeah, I’ll fix the throws being the same and adding some ammo.

why the pics show lua errors?, also is not front page. It is in Latest Uploads

-snip,actually bothered to read OP :downs:-

Make it a milk carton :v:

It’s not a big deal you get front page since they changed it so recent uploads appear.

I know, I was being sarcastic.
Tis was a joke

This is bugged, I throw it and it doesn’t move or separate and explodes in my face.

Not for me.

Updated the Cluster Bomb
1 Lua error
Added Ammo
Reduced the throwing strength
Fixed the sounds

That’s very odd, are you in a place with a small skybox? Cause it needs room to launch in the air and seperate+ create bombs

12 downloads and it made front page? :S

That’s the recent upload section, not the popular section.

Read before you post, please

You are very late.

I think he was talking to Shirky