Clyde's Official Shelby 1967 Mustang

Well it only took acouple of days, and after 362 props of phx I was able to make this thing:

This car does drive, but I just build the model so when it comes to making it drive im still using shitty ass thrusters, but this time for the first i tried out using an e2 steering hydraulic system, kinda worked cudos to this guy “” for the like tutorial cause i dont do e2.

Here is the new video of it driving(in hd):


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over 300

Wow looks good! I have to upload a car that looks like a mix between an old Ford GT40 and a Stingray Vette. It doesn’t drive yet lol have to parent it and make a chassis for it.

-snip- I need better eyes. Nonetheless, could we get an actual video of it driving around, even though it uses thrusters? I’d love to see it moving. Nice work though. It’s sort of bulky and a bit out of proportions, but it’s good and has a lovely amount of details.

I was mid making a video for it when my program completely crapped out so, ill work on transferring it to

It still amazes me how people can build detailed stuff like that with a bunch of props. Whenever I build something and weld it, it’s always floppy. When I use smart constraint it helps it a bit but still wiggles when it moves.

Most of us doesn’t actually weld our cars together like that.
Karbine once made a tutorial on how to parent stuff properly to a wire gate. Let me see if I can find it

done. A link to the tool which he uses is here:

Kiss me later.

Oh damn. Oh well, glad you tried. Post a link somewhere in the OP if you do get a video at some point though.

You used way too many props, your curves are meshed, and your sides are horribly flat.
Other than that, it’s good

Thanks, I’ll check this out soon!

This is an excellent E2 if you’re bad at making steering.

I did happen to find that before and well:

  1. I didnt make it
  2. Its as laggy as fuck
  3. The wheels look unrealistic

You should post this in the screenshots section.

if only it was a screenshot, but its not…

not at all if you’re playing in single player.

anyway, the car itself is really huge. it looks gigantic. and the sides are quite flat as others have mentioned. and the stuff underneath it looks strange. it’s also got some issues with edgy props that don’t really meet up and so on. otherwise it’s kinda cool.

No it shouldn’t. Garry himself already announced that contraptions go into GMod General. This is indeed a contraption, it also has a video. It goes to GMod general.

Well, you should know that the less props you use, the better it looks.
By that I mean it looks cleaner, sharper, and it lags less. Remember that you really don’t need to model every single detail on a car, and if you do, vanilla props can do the trick most of the time for far less props.

i don’t understand how it’s 362 props, it’s a block

I guess 240p is the new HD.