CMasta's Dismemberment Mod Fix?

First off, I’m not really 100% sure if this is where you’d want this type of post (it’s between LUA Scripting and Mod Discussion… I figured it fit best here).

Secondly, I used Google and used Facepunch’s search bar to see if anybody has fixed the mod before, but I can’t seem to find anything related to it. (Maybe I fail at searching?)

My question is that, has anyone fixed the Dismemberment mod? A lot of times the dismemberments, though coming from when there’s a lot of gibbing at once, would simply disconnect you from your own SinglePlayer game back to the main menu with the most useful error message ever saying “Disconnect: .”
I toyed with it and seemed to have resolved the disconnect error by changing two lines in the code, and this post is really just to query if anybody has fixed it already (or maybe improved upon the original mod?)

Well I fail horribly, I managed to have it work on Flatgrass for a while and then it stopped working after. I’ll keep messing with it if someone already hasn’t fixed it.

This happens to me, too.
Someone needs to fix this.

I’ve been looking at it and it seems like I was only able to reduce the probability of the random disconnects occurring, but not completely eliminate them.

At first I thought it was the result of setNWBool being spammed for onDismember events (in function meta:decap in lua/goremod_entity.lua, line 57) as I commented the line out, causing dismemberment to break altogether and in turn cause ragdolls to freak out beyond belief but the disconnects did not occur anymore. From that, I placed a random timer on the function (between 10 and 100 milliseconds) so that this function is not called all at the same time with multiple gibs at once, and it only seemed to help temporarily for some reason. (Is what the Edit was about in my initial post)

But, it seems to be effective if you comment out specific lines in in bodies/ … combine_Soldier, Human, vortigaunt … or well, any file under there. These lines are found in lines 85-97 in bodies/Human/init.lua and should be commented out:

for i =0,5 do
local gib_effect = EffectData()

for j=0,3 do
local blood_effect =EffectData()
blood_effect:SetOrigin(pos + VectorRand() * j * 5)

It doesn’t seem change much with this code commented, but it does appear to reduce the chances of the disconnect error from happening (I went on a spree of throwing Humans and combine soldiers around into walls with a good bit of lag, but no disconnect except on some offchances)

But this is just for me, not sure how much it’ll change for other people.

The dude here claims to have fixed the disconnect error, I’ll try it in a moment … well, telling by the comments its a fake.