CMDLCache: Out of memory

My game is crashing as soon as i try to connect to a specific server, i can join other servers tho, it crashes when it says “sending client info”. The error shows up only sometimes. I have reinstalled the game 3 times and tried to set the heapsize. Does anyone have a fix for this? It started when one of my friends joined the server i was playing on and he couldn’t join because of the crash, then the next day i get the same problem. I have played on the server allot, but then my game started crashing.

My PC:
Intel Celeron
4gb of ram
Amd HD6450 2gb videocard
Windows 7 32 bit


Well, you’re gonna need more memory. Might be your RAM, might be your VRAM.

Well i don’t think that’s the problem, i played on that server before without any problems. No addons were added or changed.

That doesn’t mean anything. Having an addon does not mean every single thing in that addon is spawned in the server whenever you are connected. Something that was never spawned/used before while you were around may now be being spawned/used.

Then what do i do? Can’t change vram, but ram? That’s gonna take time.

Now i cant join any goddam server >:(

Before about 3 days i got his error, , now it’s Lua panic >:/

Clean reinstall :v:

More ram :v:

Incase you need some :v:
No plox

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Already did that

I’m having the same problem too, I reinstalled GMOD a couple of times also. This also happend two days ago I restarted my computer then it worked fine but now yesterday and today I tried restarting it again but it still didn’t work.


I have 18 pages of mods. I deleted some yesterday but still didn’t work. And I also have 4GB’s of ram…

I have 32 pages of addons, removed a whole lot.

Didn’t fix anything, i’m on Linux, usually dosent crash this much, but it has gotten so bad.

I have 8GB of RAM

Graphics card, or apu model, both of you?

Amd hd 6540 for me

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Aaaaaand now i can’t join ONLY DarkRP server for some reason WHAT THE HELL!!!