"C'mon boys, lets dance" Office worker turned zombie killer about to have some fun


Music, go to about 1:15 for the full effect :buddy:

C&C :ohdear:

Nice posing

Nice posing

damn the zombies are fukeced

Nice, but something seems odd the way he holds those chainsaws…

Kidding, I know what you mean, although I cant put my finger on it

Its probably the fact that he is ubber strong(Nobody can hold 2x Chainsaws that way, you would snap your wrists). But w/e the pose its really nice :smiley:

Hes just that badass :smiley:

he’s so badass…He shits broken glass and doesn’t afraid of anything

“Ill make you wish you stayed dead.”

Oh shit. That’s pretty rad man. Solid posing, good use of DoF, and blood is done well. The only thing that throws off the badass effect is the lower res chainsaws. Oh and the music makes it even better.

How will he see something through that wield mask? Nice posing anyway.

Those chainsaws are pretty heavy X(

Where did you get that mask? :3

Daimao’s team did it to replace the Engineer’s hat in Team Fortress 2. Try searching for Daimao’s Mod Emporium in the Team Fortress 2 section.

boring, add more to your screenshots, not just 4 blurred out zombies and a guy with 2 chainsaws

Your incorrect, thats from Hl2 E:2, just look in the spawnlist

Chainsaw = Awesome

Dual Weilding Chainsaws = :mindblow:

It looked very similiar. Sorry for the incorrect information.

It’s really nice , but it looks as if he will drop one of the chainsaw.

I don’t like it