"Cmon, little girl. We need to go." Two soldiers help little girl escape

Hey all.

So, I was debating wether this deserved a thread or not. I eventually decided I would make a thread.

Also, I know its blue.
That is due to the map. A blue light was covering that area, and I didn’t think it would turn out so blue-ish. Im fairly happy with the outcome, though I know I could have done a lot better.

Anyway, without further ado, here you go.

C&C, thanks for checking this out, etc etc.

As a side note, please don’t comment on its blue-ish-ness. I am well aware of it. Also, I was planning to use Color-Correction, but that just ended up screwing it up even more.

Reminds me of the movie “Battlefiend LA”
Can’t say I liked the movie,
but this shot was nice.

We have candy in the APC.

i thought it would of been in real life

Where did you get that little girl (tehe te he) model?

Personally, I would have never noticed it as “blue-ness”, and just thought it was moonlight, until you mentioned it…

It’s a good picture. Though I would have imagined the soilder holding her hand would be facing her, as if saying something to calm her down. And she would be in deeper shock, consitering whatever’s going on that they need to send soilders to save civilians.

Thanks for all the kind replies. At least I know you guys didn’t find it that bad.

it’s my civic duty to ask where the model is from

Which one?

the girl

It’s Sherry Birkin from Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles. I’ve tried searching for her just now, but to no avail.

If you guys don’t mind me bumping (Sorry), the link for the girl is right here: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/11830984/garrys%20mod/Sherry%20birken.zip

I requested children models for this screenshot, and I was given Alma Wade, an asian kid, and Sherry.

I’m a little confused is that snow falling in the back or are those supposed to be eyes of some sort in the darkness? The foreground character has a bad crop at the middle shin. either cut it at the knees or don’t cut it at all.