CMON Rust Hardware ID bans stop being money whores xD

Ok I see so many hackers, and most hackers are rich as fuck and re buy the game itself. So Hardware ID ban them no more lets just ban the account because hackers will make a new account, buy the game again, buy their hacks again and start the aimbotting and super jumps.

HARDWARE ID bans I’m leaving the game for a little just because CS Go got fun, but hopefully when I come back they do Hardware ID bans and have a anticheat like DeadZ. :slight_smile:

No games do hardware id bans and deadz doesn’t even have a anticheat its just an stolen copy of warz

^^ also most hackers can change/spoof their HWID so kinda pointless

Why would you want to cut off folks who are pouring more money into the game? Every time the rebuy the game, it means more money for development and more data for FP to work on hardening the game from hackers themselves.


For a finished game, I get it. Or let it be a choice on the server owners. But, for an Alpha or Beta, let 'em buy it more.

  1. Rich cheaters Cheat
  2. They get banned
  3. They re-buy Rust
  4. They repeat step 2 and 3
  5. ???
  6. Profit