''C'mon, sis', tell me! Who did this to you?'' Guy talks to his sister


All In-Game effects

  • I just had to make this one, since one of my friends was abused by her boyfriend and I just thought…’‘Damn, I hope I can help her somehow…ALSO, let’s recreate it in GMod!’’


It’s alright however, i think it lacks color

Yeah, it’s supposed to be a bit depressing. I guess, I failed at that.

A bit black.

Yeah, about the background. It’s a building from GTA IV, but the lighting of the model got fucked up, when I kinda ‘replaced’ the piece of map there (A building with low-res textures), so the model just went black.

I don’t like the usage of basic GIMP effects, but the idea is nice.

What GIMP effects?

Did you miss this?

I can see clear usage of Drop Shadow on the right.

And what happened to her?

To who? My friend or the girl in the pic?

Nope, all I used was Post Processing of Gmod, Color, Bloom and SDOF.

(Also, lamps and lights. I put an invisible light near Desmond’s arm, so that’s why he’s brighter.)