"C'mon, We've got to get out to the trenches"

Playing with new skins by me
and models by ATP <3
It’s WW1 but futuristic.
I like it


futuristic WWI? I like it.

aye, thank ye :3

Yar har. They look really similiar to the picture you showed me.
Need to see more of these.

Defiantly will, Working on mechs currently

Future Boche!

Sexy gasmasks.

Reminds me of darkest of days … I dunno if many people know about it but you’re in the future bla bla bla and go back in time bla bla bla and you can do three different scenes… ww1/civilwar and only one mission of roman era…

World War One: 1914-1978

Angry, I kind of love the way you can think about cool universes and background stories but that’s a shame you don’t make more elaborate/epic pictures about them.

You’re really inspiring/original/emulating. Now I want these models so I can make huge pictures gloryfying both my skills and your ideas!

Get on steam and we can chat about this <3

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I plan on trying harder in editing, Just never have the time, I’ll make a cool one now :v:

Oh god… dem models are just so sexy… hnnng

reminds me of


Bastard stole my idea.(WWI in the future)

sorry :v:

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I remember dat game!