CN: Punch Time Explosion request

As the title says I would like someone to rip modles and turn them into ragdolls, If anyone could at the moment that is I do know alot of you have lives so if at all please. Also let this thread not be filled with hate for CN like the Nicktoon ragdoll requests I have seen in the past. Thank You

It doesn’t come out for another 25 minutes…if they’re releasing it at the Halo Anniversary midnight release, that is. So, wouln’t be possible any time soon, anyways.

Well, personally, I’m hoping for Samurai Jack & Aku. Undesided about Blossom, Bubbles & Buttercup, since they look so deformed in this game…especially with those eyes. They look like hastly applied stickers.

But, I could go for anyone from the game. Hopefully it won’t be too hard to take models from.

As I said on another thread like this one, Gmod needs some Samuri Jacktion!

Another one I’m hoping will be able to port over is Grim Adventure’s Dracula. Hopfully it’ll be possible to get summoned characters.

Well I have seen someone pick it up early from target (videos on youtube) and well I wanted to finally be the one to start this topic :slight_smile:

Not impossible for stores to release games before their release date…not supposted too, but not unheard of. Though what anyone would have worth putting on Youtube in that little time, only to have it put down when people complain and report that they have the game before they’re allowed to, is beyond me.

…Anyways, still going to need to wait at least until tomorrow morning at the earlist. Then it’s a matter if anyone willing to make the models that gets the game and knows how wants to beat the game first or go for the models first.

Edit: Nothing towards CN, but I am surprised, this was requested before Assassin’s Creed Revelations.

Amen to that. I’d be requesting my butt off to get some more Nicktoons ragdolls if it weren’t for the haters. Luckily, I have someone at least working on SpongeBob ragdolls. I’ll need more courage before I start requesting other shows…

Anyway, I’m all for this. My only question on the console version is if there are any new characters or not. I never bothered looking that up.

I asked once on a xj9 thread how do I rip modles from a wii game, I have the attack of the toybots game. Not a Nick hater myself.

New characters are Hoss Delgado, Him, Young Ben 10 , Kevin 11, Johnny Bravo, Aku and the Scotsman, Toilonator and a slew of backrgound characters in each level and the assist characters also alternate costumes for all the characters.

I’m hoping for that one too now. He was one of my two favorite characters from that show (the other being Grim). Hell I was planing to make a list of what is a vampire and what isn’t and he was one of the three exceptions to the rule.

Oh yeah, I think I commented on that thread! I myself am a huge Nicktoons fan even at the age of 21. I grew up with them and they mean a lot to me. I too have Toybots, along with the rest of the quadroligy and the recent MLB game. Some might call me an immature loser for that, but I don’t care.

And are those really all the new characters? Dang. I was hoping for other shows to be included. There go my hopes for Finn, Jake, and many others…

Well I’m 20 and still a cartoon nut :slight_smile: don’t have all the nicktoon games just toybots and globs of doom. As for the character list of PTE XL I was crushed of no Ed Edd Eddy but if the games sells well we might get a sequil and as for Finn and Jake I hope they are going to have there own game.

While I have no idea about an Adventure Time game as of yet(my subscription to Nintendo Power just abruptly stoped coming) I know Ed, Edd, & Eddy got a game for the Gamecube back in the day, and we already have one character from it on Gmod out there.

Wait, a character/ thing from the ed’s game is for Gmod?! where can I find out more about this? (huge Ed Edd Eddy fan)

Might be getting off topic but unil the game comes out let this be a cartoon network request thread as well

That would definitely make up for their absence in this game and we could get some models. I do know that Generator Rex isn’t featured in PTE, but it just got its own game (which I wouldn’t mind if someone got models from…), so maybe something like that will happen.

Some one made a model of Plank. And now that I think of it,some one aslo made Rolf’s hammer hat from one of the episodes.

Those weren’t from the actual game, I thought. Plank was…literally a plank of wood with a smily face drawn on it, and the hammer was custom made.

Could be wrong, didn’t download them, and it was a while ago, but I don’t remember them looking like they were from the Mis-Edventures game.

I never said they were from the game.


Unless you mean there’s someone made other than Plank.

Anyways, here’s hoping someone will take this up.

Speakin of Adventure time bam and here is another nice modle from a different show

someone will have to ask the creators if we could use them

That first link you posted doesn’t seem to work for me, toxic.

So, anyone willing to give this a try?