cnc_onslaught WIP thread (rts_onslaught is back!)

It’s official, rts_onslaught is back in full production, everything is being redone, we’re pulling all the stops out on this one. the only thing being carried over is the ready-room.

The dreaded TO-DO list:

  • Get the RTS system done (85%)
  • Get the terrain for the map done (0%)
  • Get the onslaught horde added (0%)
  • Finish up and add little touches on some parts (0%)

You can find the old thread here:

As you may know this is Tiberium dawn themed (CNC 3 SUCKS!). Which means the original, FIRST command and conquer game. Excel has started on rebuilding the rts build system from scratch, currency that you make is now centralized into a team bank account, allowing you to purchase weapons from vending machines, and buildings from your teams construction yard.

Here’s some comparison screens of what we have so far:

OLD conyard

NEW Conyard

Original Conyard


Original Refinery

Old straight wall

New straight wall

Old corner wall

New corner wall

I really don’t know what I’m gonna have for the medi-center, armory will stay the same, any ideas or reference pictures would be great.

What we have todo:

                S     A    T
Refinery       [x]   
Conyard        [x]
Armoury        [x]   []   []
Guard Tower    [x]   [x]   []
Wall           [x]   [x]   []
Wall Corner    [x]   [x]   []
Bunker/pillbox [x]   [x]   []
Medical Center [x]   [x]   [x]
MG Turret            [x]   [x]
ML Turret            [x]   []
War Factory    [x]

Looks pretty cool.

Do the medical centre in a similar style to the walls, have the buttresses on the outside, and stuff.

I don’t fully understand what you mean… the medicenter is a Place where your teammates can take a breather and heal up over time, like a triage. Mind drawing me a quick sketch?

He means for you to put the supports outside the medical center walls, like you done with the straight and angled wall.

In my opinnion, the old straight and angled wall looked better, the textures were aligned and such.

Well the textures are being problematic, the textures appear aligned an fine in hammer but when I compile the textures are all off, it pisses me off but hopefully I’ll find a replacement texture soon.

I’ve streamlined the walls, instead oh having to have a railing you have a walkway on the wall instead of to the side, this means I don’t have to make 2 different angle walls. There is also a gate in game that I forgot to post.

Yeah, I can’t draw, but I can knock you one up in hammer.

Go for it

Actually what sort of size limits do you want? The bigger I can go the better.

Try to keep in a reasonable size

Define reasonable.

Normally in these sorts of maps the structures are rarely larger than 256 cubed, but yours look bigger, and seeing as this is a major structure, I was wondering if you had any precise limits?

gold star for one, getting a good accurate representation of the conyard and tib. refinery, and two for using CNC '95.

We’ll it’s more of a side structure, keep it 256 cubed or smaller I guess, the Conyard and the Tibeirum Refinery are non purchasable, your start with those structures from start to finish. whatever looks and functions well.

Really like the Tiberium Dawn universe. I still think Total Annihilation was better but CNC still had a much better, deeper and more interesting story and setting.

There’s not much I can do with that small a size, but I’ll have a go.

Any size works


Here’s a vmf with a shell for the medical centre.

It’s bigger than 265x256 but I think it’s deserved.

If you want you could make it lower fairly easily, and it might look better like that. I took the basic design from the imperial guard in warhammer 40k, hence the dragons teeth and the bunker.;7914088;;/


Personally, I’d have this as a starting structure, and allow you to spend resources to unlock more features, like bunker access, and maybe the dragons teeth being spawnable from here (if you implement combine APCs as an enemy, they could have a use) and the medical stuff.

Fucking hell, your back. I was wondering if this was still going on

I don’t know if this is feasible or not, but could you have an abandoned settlement of some sorts? I figured it’d be a cool place to move your base to.

Not entirely sure how e’re gonna use it, but still. I didn’t expect any less of you Chris, beautiful, beautiful brush work. A tad large but no matter, I’m going to use it as the Battle Clinic, It’s a large, more expensive and better medical hub. Excel is working on the research center. right now.

Well you can’t technically move your base, you can build an outpost or something there but the conyard and the Refinery are starter structures and are no purchasable.