Cntrl+W closes my internet browser help i cant crouch!!!

Well does anyone know how to take of that macro? cause it is so anoying having to go through a door sideways cause i have to crouch and jump to get in but when i crouch and hold W my internet browser Closes, this started last night after my game crashed!!!

Try c to crouch instead, iirc that should work aswell.

id love to see you crab-walking into your house :smiley:

but seriously now, why would that be a macro? wich browser are you using?

Also go into fullscreen and it won’t.

Ctrl W closes the tab in firefox.

oh wow, youre right!
still… i dont have the issue while playing since all the input is focused on the game…
very very weird

however this addon should help you out :wink:

this is the thread about it

Thanks btw I use internet explore game won’t launch with FireFox