I was Wondering if there is anyone out there who is looking to start up a server but needs help starting one up or dosent want to take the time to keep it up and would like to Co-Host a Gmod Server with me. The Olny Reason im asking this is kuz i dont have the money to pay for it my self Please dont Say stupid things on this post its just asking if anyone wants to do this with me just post somthing here or PM me

P.S. If this is agenst the ToS of FacePunch please let me kno so i can take this down

PM’d. I have a community in need of help.

So you want to be co-owner of a server -.-’

What’s wrong with that?

Uhm, yeah sure add me on steam I have a server that I don’t have anything to do with.

add mrkybe

I could use some help running multiple servers, but you’d have to prove yourself first.

ughh owner to a server