Co-op 3.0: Where is previous versions?

About The Gamemode
When I started to learn gLua, I learned many things while I’m creating( Actually, Copy and Pasting from other addon’s code ) my first Co-op gamemode.
It wasn’t actual gamemode because I didn’t know how to make gamemode with proper folder and contents :v:

Since from then, I wanted to create whole new Co-op gamemode. I didn’t have any inspiration until Half-Life 2 Campaign is dead and buried in deep inside of GMOD.
To see many unique co-op servers/games in Garry’s Mod, I created this gamemode. Easy to setup, Easy to go.
You can have my gamemode that Well Optimized(?), Organized and Specialized for cooperation maps without any cost at all!

I can’t sure you guys are going to like my gamemode, I wanted to say something: “Have Fun with this!”

-Obsidian Conflict map supports( Only 50% of maps are working without NPC. NPCs are not included. )
-Various Weapons and Perks, Equipments.
-Easy Map Settings
-Custom Gamemode for each map.
-Custom Gamemode Example Codes.
-Radial Quick Commands.

Medical Station

Obsidian Conflict Map Support / C Quick Commands

Currently Stabilizing the gamemode.
You’ll able to see GitHub Link in 1-2 Months.

you’re suck at game


awesome release though, has my stamp of approval.

Really lovely, keep it up I like it!

looks great!

looks awesome

Looks fantastic.

Dayum!! I can’t wait to play this masterpiece!

If you want to play this gamemode, You have an option that playing my co-op gamemode with bunch of koreans. :v:

God dam it, Not only will I not understand what the hell to do but all have Koreans to help me ;D

I fixed some mysterious bug with Obsidian Conflict map, So yeah- It’s working better![/t]

Edit: Never mind, now that I have viewed the videos I have answered my own question.

Tried the map with 1000 damage NPC Guns

oc_trashstand_v2 is fully functional ( no NPC currently )

Looks pretty epic. Should be a lot of fun!

Nice :smiley:

does it support hl2 + ep1 + ep2 for co-op too ?

Soon. But ep1, ep2? meh… They’re pretty broken.
But you can expect good hl2 map support.

More friendly Checkpoint, Waypoint for HL2 Maps.[/t]

Get more turrets[/t]

Omg do Half Life 2 Episode 2 campaign for me and all do a Youtube series on it <3

No one asked, but I did some custom turret reskins for the user turret.[/t]