co owning a server!

i want to make a server with some one, i have the server and the datea, but i don’t have good intrnet soo, i want some one to host a gmod server, i can do all the rest but i ask that you have teamviewer so i can get the server on your computer, and i ask that it be a computer that your not useing all the time! like a hosting computer! so i was thinking on doing a ttt server but if you want to do deathrun or murder or porphunt then we could do that, but just so you know i have addons for the ttt server all ready! so i hope i can co-own a server with you if you have Q just ask!

IGN (Bobain)

What’s in it for me?

You get to be special co owner

You can host the server on a dedicated server I have at OVH if you are comfortable with tcadmin and you are doing things legit. (no leaked scripts, ect)

Contact me via PM if you want it.

why would anyone host a server using their own hardware and their own bandwidth for you, and only get co owner? if i was going through all of that i’d just make myself owner, and let you be the co owner.

i want to be the co-owner you can be the owner i just want to start a server with some one thats all! i like geting the server runing makeing it in to a drp or murder or prop hunt geting addons and stuff like that but if don’t want to do it with me pleas don’t be a jerk! i did it with one other guy but then he stop talking to me for some reason!

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we have a server that you own and i co-own, and we can can make a good server togather thats all i want to do! take it or leave it!

Thats a hard choice :v:

At least this OP is really optimistic
most people get pissed off at this point
he’s like tropsical guy, very nice

It’s been a long night of teaching him how to use TCAdmin but I think he finally has understood everything including the fact it’s his own server and I’m not his co-owner afterall.

LOL :slight_smile:

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i cud be ur co owner for only 15 bucks a day :wink:

shit bump, ban please.

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