Co.Smo.G. (COlourful SMOke Grenades)

arleitiss made this smoke grenade model some time back, and we agreed to use this model in a SENT pack so I codded the Co.Smo.G. and that’s how this pack was made!

There’s 8 Colours to choose from.

and Yellow

Youtube Video

(maybe still uploading/processing)
Use it, then wait 5 seconds


1.For some reason… if you trigger a grenade while another one is going, the smoke releases only when the previous one is done. (sound still goes)
2. may lag
3. Does not download models materials and sound if on server (get the fix here:

Why the thread title. I thought it was some sort of robot (until 1 millisecond later when I saw smoke grenades).

I always name my SENTs/SWEPs Like that


guys I fixed the 3rd bug

It’d be nice if it lingered for a bit longer, for use as a designator for airstrikes and whatnot.

But I can find uses for this.

yer it would be better if the area around the grenade stated smoky for longer, also personally I would prefer a grenade to be a swep just as then you wouldn’t have to use the grav gun to throw it, looks good though nice work

Thanks but about it being a swep, arleitiss couldn’t find his un-compiled version of the models so he couldn’t make a view model


Longer = less dense (due to lag)


No, i’m kidding, this looks great

Thanks but you can spam grenades due to 1st bug



I don’t really like the way the smoke looks, IMO I think it would be better if it acted like in the killstreaks pack. You don’t have to listen to me it’s just my opinion.

Yeah there was an different way to make these, but no way to change colour… so there is a reason I did it this way