[CoA] Build Server

Clan of Awesome or [CoA], has a server. “:open_mouth: OMG REALLY???/”, you say? Well, ladies, I must say that… yes we do.
Join us in holy matrimo— umm… building… :smiley:

If you’re looking for a server where you can kick back and not worry about mingebags or douchebag admins, come to [CoA]'s Server.

Please note that the server name sometimes changes, because of addons, maps, gamemodes, etc. etc. However I will always put the clan tag at the beginning. I like to put random addons on the server all the time, and I’ll try to get an addon pack up and running that’s definite. For the time being though the Basic addons you should need are; Wire, SicknessModel SVN(I use the cars in it all the time), Master Chris’s Vehicle Pack, PewPew, and Propeller Model. Almost all of these addons are/were obtained via SVN. The Maps we use are gm_infinigrass, gm_blackgrass, gm_snabbansairfield_b1, gm_drivingmap_mk_91, gm_buttes(day and night) and rp_evocity_v2d.

You are welcome to join and fart around with us. I also have PlayX so if you want to request a youtube vid whilst building, or just watch youtube, you are free to do so.

My ONLY request is that you adhere to the rules, which are as follows:

  1. Do not spam large objects or any object for that matter.
  2. Do not use excessive lamps. (This is a big one as it causes excessive FPS lag for me)
  3. Do not use racial slurs, derrogatory statements, or otherwise hateful language towards another player.
  4. Always RESPECT admins. Listen to what they say, but if they do something wrong, call them out on it.
  5. Do not ask to made admin unless you have prior experience and feel you are worthy enough to be admin.
  6. Do not spawn anything that could cause lag of any kind. Be it FrameRate lag, or just general server lag.
  7. DO NOT USE ANY KIND OF THIRD PARTY SCRIPT. Wallhacks, Aimbots, Nightvision, etc. are pointless. They take the fun out of the game for others. WHY BOTHER?
  8. Do not let GLaDOS go an hour without saying PINGAS! His life support is primarily run on the execution of this word.
    8.a. If he does by chance not say the word, scream, GLADOS THERES A PINGAS ON YOUR HEAD.
    8.b. If he still does not say the word… then i guess we’re all doomed. It’s like dividing by zero. Or that crazy bus that wont stop.
  9. Most importantly, have fun guys. We don’t just play this game to play it. We play it to have fun. Always laugh and joke but make sure everyone else is laughing together.

There you have it. All you need to know you learned from a set of rules. Now go build me a rocket ship or a plane or something.

PM me for my steam ID and the IP

:smiley: <3

Also Note: If you have any suggestions to addons that we can use, or gamemodes, PLEASE by ALL means feel free to suggest. I am open to try anything new. ('cept DarkRP)


<3 u bai

What? I don’t even…

WTF? What the hell is this

Also where is the server ip?

Goddamn you for naming your clan CoA.
And also, this is one of the worst server advertisements for a not darkrp server i have seen in a long time.

Fail server is fail, i know. Don’t need to reiterate it.

Hey, never said anything about the actual server, just that the advertisement sucks, especially since it does not even have the IP of the server its trying to advertise.
And disregard my comment about the name.

Evocity on a construction server?