Coach and Ellis

Sorry about the AA, I did this really quick

Aw I was hoping for them to be kissing :saddowns:

Anyway, when you use contrast, pull down the color multiply, and brightness wouldn’t hurt either.

so much contrast
and the first picture looks like borderlands

Borderlands didn’t look like shit.

You’re going to need to tune down your contrast use.

It does not make anything look better.

But the faceposing is good, maybe get some more zombie guts in the background (i’m diggin that dead dude behind coach). Posing is fine as well.

well only the top of coaches head

You cannot justify the attempt to make a picture look gritty by fucking with contrast.

ok dood calm down, just saying thats all

Why do people immediately assume that I’m pissed when I say fucking?

I mean messing around.

You calm down.

swearing actually doesn’t get you anywhere in life and it’s prettymuch retarded, most people say “fuck” or “fucking” or things like that when their pissed, apparently your vocabulary isn’t large enough so you just use swear words, the picks look good i think

Looking away from AA and contrast issues, first pic is very dark. Finger pose looks good though.
Second, when using blood splatter brushes, try to work on them so they fit the scene more.