Coach coach coach: See how to kill hunters


forgot shells :frowning:

Nice work with the blood in my opinion

but don’t worry about the shells, I don’t think they eject RIGHT as he shoots

See Coach kill.
Kill Coach, kill!

Funny and bloody, Nice work!

Very good.

“woops, the barrel exploded.”

flash is overkill and unnecessary but the rest is great. haxxer’s right, casings don’t eject immediately - there’s a fraction of a second’s delay.

I think he meant it to look like that, because l4d2 is kinda cartoony in a sense

yeah, i know, it just seems kinda heavy-handed

I enjoy looking at your poses. I also like the way you can edit the AA out. Props to you.

Coach looks like he should be rocking some grilz

I don’t like how Coach’s face looks like it’s been painted. Besides that and the other critiques, nice job.