Coach Heavy Preps His Team...

Just a little something I cooked up after seeing a Coach Heavy skin. Oh and before you tell me to turn my graphics up, let me just tell you I’ve set them to the highest possible.

C&C welcome of course.

pretty neats

oh wow…that’s…interesting…

Use super DOF and get a better PC please, even my sucky ass PC can handle better graphs.

The idea and the pose are pretty good, I was actually expecting a L4D2 pose but this is quite nice too, altho the legs look a bit weird for some reason but I think its just the bump maps.

i carry around bullets when i play football too :wink:

Do I see a spy for the New England Patriots up there?

Anti Aliasing is a must. But very interesting, indeed.

“Alright team, we’re gonna march in there, and present our budgeting plan like hell!!”

I want that Coach skin.

Link please :3:

The heavy reminds me of Ed