Coach Killing Rochelle

First try at blood, not sure if its good or not.

Excuse me but what the fuck am I looking at?

Hahaha, this is great!

Blood is terrible, posing and aliasing aswell, but oh god, the laugh, awesome idea

i actually thought coach was humping rochelle


Blood is too bright. Use blending-multiply to make it slightly transparent and then darken it.

I laughed really hard… And I’m not racist or anything. It’s just so fucking random, and he’s killing her on a fucking sign, with such hilarious blood.

I shall avenge Ro!

shop a cock raping her. they’re in the right position already.

oh and her expression is awful. she should have a tormented look on her face

Rochelle has very, uh, beveled and embossed blood.

I forgive you because this is funny.

This is epic.

This is new. :v:

ohmy god man faceposing is perfect so is the blood dude is this from a real game dont lie to me cuz i can tell

Is this even possible ?