Coach suspected of Bioterrorism running from the military

Run coach, run!

Hahahaha epic win, laughed my ass off!

LOL Bioterrorism. Well I aways felt men in chef hat’s looked sinister.

That’s a dirty bag, not a chef’s hat.

Coach’s head got cold.

Yes I see it now. I stand corrected.

I’m guessing bio-terrorism through tainted food?

Poisonous Chocolate.

“Keep Runnin!”

Run coach get to the choppah!

Ha. very funny

At least he doesn’t look like one. Very funny!

Cheeseburga akbar. :jihad:

sitting here with a big ass grin, thanks C:

wow, that’s awesome! I didn’t like the guy diving to tackle coach, though. He seemed out of place.
Still smiling over that bag, though :stuck_out_tongue:

rofl, epic

Yakety Sax activate immediately, I laughed my ass off.

Said the man in the orthapedic shoes

I smiled.

Could use some motion blur to give the illusion of movement, good picture nonetheless