Coach walking slowly trough the dead halls of an forgotten Airport

C&C on the lighting please.

Those eyes need fixing. other than that it looks pretty good.

It’s okay. Classic The Combine destkop wallpaper-style one dude looking off-screen picture though.

Yeh sry for that but I had an idea on how to make my lighting look good but still not overdone. :smile:
How did it come out?

Good finger pose and light. Me like.
Eyes looks a bit weird though.

I can’t take this shot seriously because of that face.

nice lighting

Heh yeah I basically forgot the posing on this one and wanted to see how the new lighting method works.
Thanks to yah all :buddy:

Posing is good, love the light!

Meh… not too good.
The light in the background has fucked up contrast

I’d say it’s a good light source.

Pretty nice.