Coach wants to escape with The Death Ride

V2 Added water to the top to remove void:



Holy shit, it looks fucking awesome!
Altho I can see some void at the top and that turns me off.

Another epic build, keep it up.

… No … Just no … IT’S NOT POSSIBLE! :C

What the…!
EPIC Build right there!

I had to scrutinize this in a cold and analytical manner. This prevented me from coming where I sat.

Amazing work kalixx1. Have some fucking wood. Damn I liked this.

Holy shit! That is fucking awesome!

Damn nice.

Ha. This is awesome. Bad camera angle, but awesome build anyway.

oh my god, I thought it would be a simple screenshot of a map from above and then I saw the second picture and your name.

epic and awesome

Whoa, you got the entire model for the roller coaster out of L4D2?

Incredible, a++ for you sir.


Ridiculously good.

Right. I corrected that.

Yes. First I thought it’s impossible to align all those effects but eventually I found an easy way to do that.

Thank you all for comments!

holy crap your computer must have been lagging like hell


Wow, just wow.

Not really, this is not a big deal. However I find it odd that gmod is performing the same with 8600GTS (256) and GTX260 (896). There are no difference between these two cards under gmod.

1 thing I want to ask. How the hell did you build the coaster tracks? Amazing.