Coach's TF2 Adventure

OK. I found way to use RagMorph with TF2 ragdolls(don’t ask me how). It inspired me to make a movie and so I made it. Plz rate and comment.

That was actually really good! Keep it up!

Not bad. I liked it actually. And it didn’t have vagineer in there either, that’s just great.

Why not put your video in media tags?

very well made, i liked it

how do you do that?

Practice, good editing software, skills in posing, a good imagination, with originality. Please feel free to take notes…

no tf2 ragmorph

I love animation and posing , nice one!!


i think i know how you made RagMorph work with TF2 ragdolls…c:

how? all he told me was weld

Fairly entertaining the whole way through. 9/10