COD 4 custom skins (ported)

A little project me and wystan are working currently being hexed
ACUPAT soldiers with GEAR

Some others

Olive drab/SAS and desert DPM USMC
UN peacekeepers for USMC
lastly I forgot the alternative skin for Spetsnaz little glimpse for it in the ACU pic.
other USMC skins(MP)


Also if anyone wants to request I will port for people.
keep in mind we don’t have the models for the seals.

Lol damn i want that skin the guy with mask and helmet XD

Do this.

Do this.

nice work, can’t wait for it to be done

Chesty that is ported, wystan personally wanted me to do those.
any way resistance I wil when I get on my computer again <_>

Nice! I want these.

I will be at my computer this weekend so expect some progress.

your skin pack is includes my skin too.
btw, good hob

You made some?

a little bit.

Cool i like it.

I just got the OD marines done


I love updating :smiley:

This is full of win.

more crap


Hey man could you give me the middle model from the 2nd pictures? please!


hurf durf

Yo Backslash Imma let you finish but I made some of the best Hexs of all time!
Don’t worry they arn’t actually stuck in the T pose.