CoD 4 Models for CSS?

Hey guys. Inglorious again. I was wondering if someone could do a CoD4 Revival Player Model Pack for CS Source?
For CTs: They would be the SAS from the mission Ultimatum.
In case your wondering what they look like, heres a picture: [img_thumb][/img_thumb]
And in case your wondering the Ts should be ordered, here it is:
If someones willing to do this then thanks alot!

their is a pack on fps banana for css cod 4 players but i dont think they used the models you want

I get that. But I want the models from THE Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare, and sadly they just wont do.

This is what I clearly meant:

Someone here can create radio sounds of Cod 4 to CSS? :smiley:

No. Next time look at the last post date and don’t comment on old threads again

This thread’s been dead for five years, dude. Bumping dead threads like this just to ask for stuff usually isn’t a good way to start out around here.