COD 4 Pilot Headhacks

One more headhack pack I’ve made. :v:

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] COD 4 Pilot Headhacks

[tab]Description:[/tab] The pilot models from COD 4 with face and finger posing. The helmet and glasses come in bodygroups!


[tab]Credits:[/tab] Who ever made the COD 4 pilot models for releasing them, and Itak365 for the idea.[/release]

There may be some clipping issues with the sunglasses since the sunglasses model is shared for all of the faces.

Ooh, those are cool.


Sweet. Nice work, bro.

Did you do the female version too, or just male?

I wanna make a parody of that crash scene in COD4.

Only male right now, sorry. I don’t think I could get some of heads to fit with the helmet.

oh god yes.

Now these will be handy…

I thank you, good sir.

finally, gonna use these in my next poses
hopefully I get some ideas



These come in Handy.

Really useful, I’m still skinning your punisher model btw but no remarkable progress so when I have more I will show you a Wip.