COD:AW Exo grenade request 2 (read desc for why i created a new one)

Does anyone have a link to all the advanced warfare exo launcher grenades? preferably all of them except explosive drone, tracking drone, variable grenades, and the spike drone.
if so, thanks, ill be needing them for a garrys mod project
the exo launcher on the hands would be appreciated too

(the reason im making a new thread is because some idiot came on it and started spamming it and hopefully a mod will delete it)
btw thank you Orkel for banning him and im also assuming you locked the old thread

bumperz :3

bump again

As of now there’s only raw files available as there are very few AW models compiled for Source.
For more information, please take a look at this thread.

Note: Making two threads for the same thing can get you banned.

read my description for why i did

and ive been on that thread for a while asking for the grenades


why am i dumb? jej

That doesn’t make any difference. Rules are rules, obey them or face the consequences more or less.

im not breaking rules

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also, is it this hard to just fucking ask for some models, and then get overrun by “dumb” ratings and people being idiots?

  1. We’re not idiots, we’re trying to help you by giving you valuable info.
  2. You don’t just get models because you ask for them, either you rip and compile them yourself OR you wait.

ive told people before that i cant because my pc isnt 64 bit
and i said being idiots, not are idiots
2. ive seen many other people asking for models and not get treated like an idiot

Point of the matter is, making one thread would have been sufficient, even if a trillion idiots post in it.

Posting in two different threads and making two different threads shows impatience. Just relax, and if someone gets them for you, you’ll hear about it.

the old thread is closed now, its all said and done

Then there is your answer. Either you rip/port it yourself or you wait for someone that hasn’t already or who is a really nice person to help you even if you are being disrespectful going around calling us “idiots”.

jesus christ ive said these 2 things before,

“ive told people before that i cant because my pc isnt 64 bit” (earlier in the thread)
and im not going around calling you guys idiots, just the people treating me like shit, and i have a reason to

Okay, I’m just posting here to clarify a few things.

We’re fully aware that you can’t rip/extract the model on your own, but the general statement of “do it yourself or wait” still applies (emphasis on wait since it’s been mentioned several times). You don’t need to keep pointing out the fact that you can’t do it yourself, as we already know that you can’t. Being selective about each statement that includes the word “yourself” and retorting back with that comment doesn’t help.

Saying that people are being idiots is exactly the same as calling them idiots, no matter how you look at it; it doesn’t matter who the intended target(s) may be. The way you’re trying to argue that matter, it’s like saying you picked an orange from an apple tree when it’s really just an apple, and then lashing out at anyone that tries to tell you otherwise. Nobody is going around insulting you here; they’re trying to tell you that making multiple threads for the same subject has the potential to end up landing you in a temporarily banned state (which has happened quite a few times to other individuals on this site) since it’s against the rules, and that it’s a good idea to stick with just one thread, regardless of whether some asshat troll decided to make a few spam comments. It’s a simple explanation, and nothing more; being hostile over it doesn’t do anything but make you look like an ass, which in turn makes it less likely for your requests to be fulfilled in the future.

No, you really don’t.

I’m aware of that, as is most likely everyone else who posted in this thread. The advice about not making multiple threads for the same thing was more or less for future reference.

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You’re tenacious, I’ll give you that.