COD:AW "Technical" Trucks

Technical/Armored Pickup Trucks from “Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare”

Poseable using the joint tool.

Has skins for black and white for armored version, and green, blue, white, and destroyed for civilian version

Post pictures of other vehicles from Advanced Warfare you’d want to see ported





Chevy Colorado?

Thank you RenaFox


I saw this one when I was poking around in the files of advanced warface, I’ll have to give it a shot, never have done many aircraft

I have 15+ gigabytes of just Advanced Warfare vehicles

what am I doing with my life

great work man

Nice work Rena, as for other vehicles I too would want to see the VTOL and helicopter.

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Oh and the ATLAS hoverbike and jeep.

There’s like 3 different Atlas jeeps tho

nice one, glad to see more AW ports starting to surface

also if possible:


Then do all of the if you have time and means.

Very cool! Nice Rena!!

Nice work!

Here’s something else that might be worth looking into:

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I don’t think igcd allows direct links to images, so you’ll need to post the full page those are from.

Technically this counts as a vehicle in-game and on the wiki. I’m just grasping straws here.

Had a chance to play around with this. Not sure if anyone has already told you but there is a bug with the rear wheels on the light armoured technical.
Most of it is due to a model bug or something like that for some of the wheel, mostly the tyre wall and hubcaps on both rear wheels, looks like there is nothing there.

On the other two, no problems to report.

If it’s any consolation, the air/spacecraft you ported from Halo 3 and Reach were pretty well done.

I had this problem when testing it on a lower spec computer, try setting model detail to high/very high

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Unfortunately, I can’t really do this, I’ve no experience in porting anything that would require complex rigging/ragdolling

I saw someone else was working on it though

Do you know who was/is working on that model? It’s been sometime since the Advanced Warfare thread and Kevin Spacey seems like the only thing people were interested in.

I saw someone post a WIP in that thread, coulda sworn it

I think this was him:
This was the post he made with the suit:
His last activity was December, so I don’t think he comes here anymore. :frowning: