COD Black Ops 1 Textures Request

Surprisingly I love some black ops 1 texture, someone could help me with this? I do not have the game on PC

What do you mean? What textures do you want? You have to explain this kind of stuff.

you can always download cracked version and get your texture

Oh I’m sorry, I’d really like to have all the textures for mapping, not the textures for models. Sorry I haven’t been specific … if it’s not possible to get all of them, I would like snow and metal textures.

I could even download the cracked game to grab the content and then uninstall it, but I’m not currently with my main PC, so I’m not able to download a lot of stuff here. (Sorry bad english)

Thx for your reply

Open the .pak files using rar, the textures are in .iwi format, you can grab a .iwi converter to change them into dds and go from there.