COD Black Ops 2 Release Thread[/thumb] [thumb][/thumb]


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Yemeni Army

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Section (David Mason)

SWATish Soldiers Customized


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Black Ops 2 Seal


Raul Menendez (2025)



Cuban Mercs


Chemwar, MVD, Secret Services




port: tlsaudrl2548, minson97, Ninja Nub[NOR]
ripping: luxox_18

work in progress

ugh steam workshop

neat releases, however

aw shit my nigga menendez
nice work!


Workshop download

Does it have to only be Workshop releases? Now there’s no other way of getting them.

I agree, is Steam Workshop really that necessary?

But these releases are godlike, nice shaders.

Steam workshop isn’t greatly terrible for little packs like this. It’s just horrendous for mod organisation.

Hello. And Bye.

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So… About that MMS?


Keep up the awesomeness guys. It is always nice to see COD models in Gmod.


Great release

What do you mean “no way of getting them”? Can you elaborate?

Someone can extract zombie models of the Tranzit mode?


[tab]Description:[/tab] skin grouped, eye/faceposeble, playermodel ported by minson97

I should get started on some more ports, also, you should totally add my cubans in there :e

So is anybody working on the drones? Because so far we only have the quad-rotor one.

I would also like to see the Soviet heavy tank that Kravchenko was in.

The quad rotor is on the workshop, search “Dragonfire” for it.
Anyway, is there a chance that we could possibly get the ‘Cordis Die’ rebels? Menendez’s henchmen. Those would be some cool models to have

No need to sort models by fiendly, not friendly etc. IMHO

Did anyone managed to open/extract the .ff files?