COD: Black Ops Cuba/Tropas

Well, since people have found out how to port from Black Ops, i think it would be nice to have Cuban models, including the policemen you see in the first level.
the police officers


And if these were to be ported, it would be nice if someone added Fidel Castro aswell.

I think these would be pretty useful military models, instead of generic US military models #30, or generic Russian military models #10

How about those Citizans?
Especially the girl in the beginning of the first mission, and the human shield. :smiley:

And also dumb rating because i requested something from black ops.
Bandwagon much?

That should of been a given. Everyone hates cod here for some reason

We have our own reasons to why we hate that money-making dead-beat franchise.

Rossum in particular likes to blast its “Inaccurate” portrayal of military operations, weaponry, soldiers etc.


I’ve made some Tropas look-a-likes, based on Soviet soldiers, i’ll upload photos later because i’m fucking lazy.

You are amazing.
First the guys in this thread
And now this?

You are awesome.