CoD: Black Ops map props?

I was wondering that since so many people are managing to port characters from Black Ops, would it be possible to also port map props? I absolutely loved the maps in Black Ops and it would be amazing to have the props from them in Source, or even if not in source, just something in a format that 3DS Max can read.

I’ve been trying many different methods myself to get models for days now, but I’ve had no luck, a lot of the stuff I need to do just goes way over my head. Maybe providing a tutorial so that I can do it myself would be more appropriate. It would just be so cool to have them.

3D Ripper is the best bet. It basically takes a 3D picture of the scene and rips props exactly as they are in game.

No no no (This method is for character models, but might just work on props and weapons too):

However that method fucks up the UVs, so check this thread out so you can fix 'em up:

yeah i would like map props too

Don’t “No no no” me, buster.

3D Ripper works just fine on props, UVs intact. You don’t need to do the other shit with the commands for props because you use those commands to get the ragdolls into t-pose. Not necessary for map props or weapons.

Straight up 3D Ripper will work just fine.

Well, I’m not a porter, so I wouldn’t really know.

what props do you want?