COD Black Ops Release Thread

a model a day, or a week.
I’m going to release COD:BO models here, and you can release your COD:BO models here, too.
hope you guys rate wrench, heart things

1. Weaver (winter camo)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Weaver
[tab]Description:[/tab] COD:BO Weaver. eyepatch is able to removed with bodygroup changer, eyeposable.
[tab]Download:[/tab] download
screenshots below

2. Spetznas Hazmat

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Spetznas Hazmat
[tab]Description:[/tab] Spetznas Hazmat
[tab]Download:[/tab] Download
screenshots below

3. Woods, Weaver (Spetznas Undercover)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Woods, Weaver (Spetznas Undercover)
[tab]Description:[/tab] Woods head can be changed with bodygroup changer
[tab]Download:[/tab] Download
screenshots below

4. Spetznas Flak (MP)

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Spetznas Flak (MP)
[tab]Description:[/tab] Helmet detachable, you can change its head
[tab]Download:[/tab] Download
screenshots below

5. Winter Camo Black Ops


faceposable, eyeposable, various bodygroups and texturegroups.

6. Nova 6 US Hazmat


face, eye posable.

have texture groups

Reply after your download, and don’t forget rating wrench :smiley:
All the credits go to Treyarch, Activision, tlsaudrl2548, woosuck and minson97(솔로부대)
All the files are uploaded to filefront.
Hope you enjoy.

(PM me when the files are blocked or corrupted.)

Reuploaded Links:

Looks nice, I’m quite excited about 2 and 3 as well, though.

Do they have faceposing?

Hell yeah.

Oh my god, thank you!



I don’t see the point in releasing them individually, but okay.

is it possible to rip BFBC2 models with the same way ripping the BO models?

I saw a tool for fixing ripped BFBC2 model UVmap. but I’m not sure

2. Spetznas Hazmat


Vietnam models are the most anticipated, imo. Cuban ones aswell. Hell, motorcycle cops would be better too.

Not those goddamn Russians that we have ample amounts of already. So I hope you have your priorities figured out when releasing them individually (don’t know why a pack wouldn’t be better).

i need moderately accurate us in vietnam
also someone has to make reskins of them in both erdl patterns

YES! Thanks!

THANK YOU You’re Jesus. Now lets get some good 'Nam models.

Amazing! Truly amazing. Dl’ed the hazmat.

Don’t expect too much. There’s like one type of simple soldiers in BO and they don’t even have the mitchell pattern on their helmets. There’s only some more variations of the SOG ones but I’m not too sure on their gear being all that accurate.

Awesome!! >:| (I have a troll face on the inside)

God i whould love some BC2 models

Texture system is different from Source if I well remember. Something to do with white textures and overlays slapped on them.