Cod: black ops ripped weapon models links???

can someone share me links of cod:black ops RIPPED models or a already ported to model.
its ok if its not all of the model i only need the shotguns…

This might be of great interest to you. Every weapon model from the game provided in .OBJ and .Maya formats, with textures. Please note, they are only models and are not compiled.

thanks dude you save my life

bytheway i cant find the OLYMPIA…pls help

I didn’t find it when I went through the archives either, they are most likely in the first one but WinRAR always says that it came across an unexpected end in the archive.

oohhhh…that’s sad :frowning:

is there a link for sounds? (sorry i cant search because im banned on this web)

You’d have to look elsewhere, they only provided the models in the link I provided. Also, if you mean that search function isn’t working for you, it’s not because you were banned from it. According to what someone else told me, it’s only available to Gold members.

alright thanks again :slight_smile: