CoD: BO DLC Nazi Zombies Release Thread

Hello everybody! I’am going to release ALL of the Nazi Zombies DLC Weapons in seperate folders.

Before some of you start hatin’ or askin’ why I’am putting a few models in a .ZIP folder and not the entire pack? Well… It’s because I still don’t have the Shangri-La Map so I can’t port the Spikemore and the Shrink Ray (To lazy to put the real name of the gun because it’s made of letters and numbers.) and put them in a huge mothafuckin’bigmac pack. And yes, some parts of the weapons/props glow in the dark. Also this is where all of my Nazi Zombies Related ports will go. Enjoy!

Needed Components (So sue me!):
A Brain
A Skinswitcher
An IQ lower than -6

I will also include some extra props for your amusement.

Download Links:

Download Links:

Download Links:

Samatha Maxis Prop from Moon and the Black Ops version of the Mystery Box.

Download Links:


Soo, much, exotic weapons!!

Any chance on porting the China Lake grenade launcher?

Any Chance of porting some of the Zombies? Like the Moon ones :smile:?

Teach me how to make face poser, rig, finger poser, eye poser and compile ragdolls then consider it done.

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Yeah I’ll probably will do the Multiplayer Weapons.

There’s actually a model for Samantha?

Wow Treyarch sure goes the extra mile when it comes to easter eggs

you attempted capture to samantha in T-pose?

I don’t know if is a character or object (as game file)

No. She is just an Object. There is no way to get her in T-pose.

Nice! Hey any change to get wonder weapon 31-79 JGb215 from Shangri la or some Pack-a-Punch weapons?

Please read the entire thread again.

That depends, how much are you willing to buy Shangri la for Ellis :P?

Still Waiting For The Hell Hounds…

I never bought ANYTHING from the Steam Store. I only got those DLC’s as Gifts. I buy my games from a local video game store.

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And I guess you will have to wait a long time until someone will do them. As I have said in allmost ALL of my porting thread that I don’t know how to rig, give face flexes, give finger posing, give eye posing.

I was going to port the weapons before Christmas but things got out of hand and I got grounded for not studying. Sorry peps.

Nixon will be happy with these weapons :smiley:

Would be nice if someone could rig up the moon zombies Been waiting for a while. I’ve tried to attempt at rigging them myself but god to time consuming

yeah including the astronaut suit.