COD:BO Vietcong Models

Yeah I have my releasing thread but I just wanted to make another thread cause I want to. who cares
anyway here we go

[release][tab]Name:[/tab] Vietcong Models from Call of Duty: Black Ops
[tab]Description:[/tab] each model has 4 heads, 5 helmets, 3 skins (use bodygroup changer for Heads and helmets, right click for skins)
[tab]Credits:[/tab] Models, Textures : Treyarch
HL2 Rigging: tlsaudrl2548
[tab]Bodygroup Changer:[/tab]








some weird UV map doesn’t match. but you can see it barely. doesn’t matter at all


Awesome, will enjoy. :smile:

good!! kkkkk

awesome work

this will go well with the Vietnam models recently released.

It appears the download link is borked for me.

oh and yeah, guys, there is 1 bonus model, which name is viet_1
and also it is eyeposable and faceposable

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and I think you guys cannot download it now, dunno why.
gonna re-upload


Will you get the ones from the campaign too? like the shirtless one etc etc (no homo) ?

These will certainly be useful.

Gee, sure is a lot of cool new shit being released around here.

now all we need are imperial Japanese zombies and modern zombies

I think it would be expected to see one of the soliders being posed shoving a Katana up someones ass.

Where can I get the weapon models?

he looks like my uncle!

I second this request.

Lol angry NVA, delicious models man…

The file name reminds me of

“Viet cong!”
“Its viet cong, theres no s, its already plural. You wouldnt say chineses!”

Anyway, these fit perfectly with the vietnam models that are out.

That’s nice! :smiley:

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Those AK’s are included in Larry’s Ultimate Weapon pack;

DL all of them.

No, they arent.

Then if you know where they came from, why did’nt you help the guy?