COD:BO2 Celerium Device

So just a simple request could anyone get a raw export of the Celerium device from Black ops 2 for me?


I say it would be easier to model it. Just saying, and you could use imagination to texture it and whatnot.

It’s not easier to texture and model a thing from scratch than it is to port a thing from a game.

If lime actually works with BO2 again I’ll try and grab this tomorrow but it didn’t work the last time i tried it.

Thanks Floater it will help me out greatly.

Will export it when I get home

That would be great Koen.

Well i got it, but the exporter is being a piece of shit and didn’t actually export any of the textures beside the diffuse, so I’ll have to go re-export it.

Sorry Floater, got it before you :wink:

Although it’s a super simple model that’d be easy to make, it wouldn’t be easier then porting.