COD: BOII,BOIII and AW weapons and attachments request <3

Hi everyone y search for some weapons and attachments models from these games :3 some weapons like FN Ballista from BO2, KN44 from BO3 or ATLAS 20mm from AW, if you like the weapons models and mods for Battlefield 2 maybe you see them in a future pack of weapons for this game, Thanks for your atention and have a happy new year 2018!

The BO2 weapons have incomplete viewmodels mate.

BO2 Fn Ballista
BO3 ARK7 / KN44

wut!?!?!, but i have and kap-40 and m8a1 with the complete model .-.

The KRISS Kard is one of the few weapons with complete viewmodels.

As for the M8, you probably got Kali’s rebuild.

Do you know where I can get more complete or rebuilt models? and happy new year bro :3

Kali rebuilt a few.

As for complete originals, they do not exist online, only in the hard drives of the developers.

Most of the Advanced Warfare viewmodels also contain a few holes in it too. Some of them are also incomplete (The MDL grenade launcher is missing a couple of details + has several holes where the viewmodel isn’t rendered)

I do know the attachment viewmodels do have holes and need to be rebuilt.

activision, apart from recycling sounds, models and textures of previous games. ALSO THEY MAKE IT INCOMPLETE, laziness kills them

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any link to find them?, and I’m also looking for a pytaek model with iron sights, the model that is in only has the target enhancer sight

i need the model of the MDL grenade launcher from AW and the airtonic RPG from BOII :frowning:

Making the model incomplete is not lazyness, it actually takes extra work. The reason they do it is to save memory by reducing the amount of vertices the game has to render.

The Blops 2 attachments are actually complete. So are the Titus 6 and the PSR.

The airtronic RPG is missing too much.

AW mesh holes are much smaller and easier to fix.

i’m worked to fix someones, you have of know where i can found the storm psr and all the attachments models? and if you can send me the RPG and the MDL models I’ll see if I can do something with him :slight_smile:

hey bro, do you know where I can find access to all the weapons models of the BO, BO3 and AW ?, I can not download those games on my pc since I have low hard drive capacity :frowning: