Cod characters zombies black ops 1

Someone will have the models of the zombie characters as well as the characters of Fives and those of Kino der toten?

I am studying the design of those characters to design my own.

First of all, Thanks.

I can upload them for you. What format do you need them in? Do you need the textures? Do you need the gibbed versions of zombie models?

Thanks, well the formats can be .obj or .dae, If I need your textures, it is very important and the zombies do not want only the playable characters.

obj plz

Don’t upload them in obj, it will destroy rigging.

I actually request the model and its texture to relate inverse engineering and see how they designed those models at the time of the 2010.

Has anyone done any BO1 multiplayer models like the urban black ops/SOG/ Op 40/ etc . . .?

I do not, I would like to work with cod designers if xD

Well nobody has those models on your pc or can you do me the favor of caturing them? :confused: