CoD/CoD 2 how to export models

So guys, i want to port some models from the old CoDs(1, UO and 2), but i have no idea of how to do it, so i need a very good tutorial of how to port the models!

Doesn’t Lime also work for the old CoDs?
Otherwise you could use 3D Ripper DX

Do NOT use 3dripper. Use ninjaripper. 3Dripper models come out deformed due to the way 3dr works.

oh man thanks a lot I’ve always wondered why my rips are all strechted out.
This genuily helped me a LOT

Thx guys i’m gonna try it!

if you want anything except from smoothly binded models (characters, heads, viewhands etc.) then use xmodelexporter:

if you want characters, heads… then you need to use ninjaripper as other people already suggested.