COD: Ghost Federation Reskin help

Hey guys.

I’m in need of help with the reskining of the Federation Army models released by FT. I’ve been trying to purge the original camo patterns on the textures, but I’ve had no luck.

Could someone be able to ‘remove’ the patterns so that the uniforms are in a neutral grey colour please?

From there, I can the apply my own patterns on them and hex the models up.

If anyone can do this, It would be greatly appreciated.

Link to textures in question:

I’ll take a look and see what I can do.

EDIT: I forgot to mention, do you have the normal maps for both those textures? I need them to get them looking proper.

Ok, didn’t realise you would need those.

Here we go:

Here you are, mate.

Two of the included textures are grey maps made by getting the AO and Cavity maps from the normals you sent, then applying them over the specular.

The third is the specular of the lower body, which could also just apply a different camo over and use as your diffuse.

Anyways, have fun.

Beautiful work mate!

I thank you heaps mate!