COD ghosts animations

Hello Facepunch!

I was wondering if somebody could be as kind as to export some animations from COD ghosts to .fbx (i dont have the game or knowledge to do it myself).

The only animations im looking for are the underwater scuba diving animations

Thnk and hope somebody can help me!

Actually, if someone could make wraith rips of all the guns in that game and post them online, that would be massively helpful, as all the Ghosts models I have found around are missing skeletons, have wrong scaling, bad smoothing, corrupted normals and other nonsense.

A copy of the Wraith Ghosts folder with just the raw files would suffice.

I ripped these a while back, maybe someone could use them.


Doge Animations:

They are in SEAnims. Blender/Maya has plugins for those.

Nice! :slight_smile:

Do you perhaps have the scubadiving/underwater animations? :smiley:

If someone can extract the first person viewhands from ghosts with .ma files that will be great

any file format with the animations is ok! :stuck_out_tongue: