COD: Ghosts C-17A Globemaster III interior.

Got another question here. Is anyone perhaps able to get the C-17A (interior) out of Call of Duty Ghosts?. It’s seen in 2 mission beginnings I believe. First, when the plane gets hijacked and Rorke escaped in mid-air and another time when the M1A2 Abrams tanks get dropped before the attack run of the staellite base. I am aware that there are CoD: Ghosts vehicle packs and there is a C-17A in there, but only with basic interiors. The panels, lights, seats, etc are all missing.

Also, a model of the C-17 with interior from MoH: Warfighter has been uploaded in one of the DICE threads, but I believe the Ghosts interior looks better. Would be great if anyone was able to help out. Cheers.

Tomcatters : could enter the FB Thank you. I have the inside of the C17 can be?